online make money

How to Online Make Money

Hi Friends, Today, we discuss Online Make Money. Lend your time and earn Money! Money may not be everything but it is a big thing. Money does not guarantee happiness but it surely solves your financial crisis. With the rising inflation levels every year, more and more people are gaining interest in earning income from 

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Google search tools

Hi Friends, Today we talk about an interesting thing of Google. We searched many different things on google every day. Every day we search many of many R&D (Research & Development) on Google. Today we talk about google search tool & and how this works for our filter search. The search tool is a small 

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Wordpress basic

Basic knowledge about WordPress

WordPress is a powerful tool to fulfill our website or blog dream which also know as CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System. WordPress is a way to express our things and post our desire. Wordpress starts in 2003. And now going WordPress 4.4.2 version on with successfully. WordPress is installed on the web server. 

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short key

Keyboard Shortcut keys

Shortcut keys are useful for our work. With the help of shortcut keys, we can make easily done work. And our writing speed will be fast. Below the listed of shortcut keys works on keyboard and Microsoft window. These shortcut keys work on text document, any software program(like paint, ms word, excel sheet, power point 

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